Expense Apps That Have It All

An expense report program typically is the software application that manages all of the expenses incurred by work travel of a employee, who will ultimately submit this report to his employer for reimbursement. These expenses include rides, motel costs, food, and possibly entertaining clients. Most of the time, the accounting staff in addition to the professional in question take tons of time in the submission of an expense report, as there are many details to be considered. These specific things have to be precise, too, for tax purposes. Nonetheless, to be as efficient as possible, the process ideally will move quickly.

With these expense report applications, the employee submits the completed report, along with photos of the receipts – some apps have receipt readers built in, so that the employee does not even have to enter in the information on his own – by way of his smart phone to the company. The prompt submission of the expense report leads to prompt reimbursement, that later presents transparency and control for the compliance requirements of audit and accounting. And, of course, a pleased employee. Almost all businesses are adopting some kind of computerization. Another good thing is that employees can effortlessly avoid the errors involved in manual record and submission of reports. Why settle for just computerization, though, when expense reports can be even less of a pain?

After submitting the report, the employee has to attain approval from the manager. Then the finance department allows a check for reimbursement. Plus, the ethical responsibility of the employee is a consideration; he must be reliable. Companies ought to insist on timely, correct and truthful expense reports. Employees should be aware of all the rules and regulations of the expense reimbursement rules of the company, and they need to show all the details of his spending along with receipts.

When choosing an expense reporting app, the next few points need to be thought of:

Good Reports: A helpful app would have reports available in various formats. Because not every company uses an identical format, this app must have a varying selection of available reports.

Graphic Displays: The use of graphs in addition to pie charts makes checking if the charges are proportioned to your income easier to understand. Adaptability: It is crucial that the application is customizable to reflect the certain needs of the company. There should be different price points and packages to cater to the varying needs of its users.

How to Engage Your Customers Quickly

I know, it’s a jungle out there. You ask yourself the questions, “how do I choose a service that is right for my company?” How do I know they will deliver what they promise? Well, unfortunately there is no easy answer. Before I got into this industry, I was faced with the same issues; having to find a reliable source of good leads for my customers. What I found was a bunch of “cookie cutter” lead services that played to the masses. The problem I had with this approach was it only focused on generic industry specific items and did not address the core business needs. So in an effort to deliver the best possible solution for my customers, I educated myself with the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver high quality, qualified leads that focused on my customer’s core business. Eureka! That was the missing link. Now my customers are able to grow their business in a profitable manner. No longer will 40% of their marketing dollars yield 80% of unwanted leads. Here is an example. Say, you have customer Smith who is looking for sand to put in his back yard. Would you want to pay for a lead if he was only looking for a bag of sand? It’s probably not a good idea. You would rather pay for leads that will deliver customers who are looking for a 4 yard dump truck full of sand.

The second largest issue I was faced with my customers was the lack of follow-up and sometimes even poor customer service. Want to lose a customer? Ignore their request and feedback. That is the quickest way to lose them for good. Customers in general want two things:

1) Value

2) Service

If you can consistently deliver value and service to your customers, you will be 1 step ahead of most of your competitors.

Some ways of conveying value of your product or service is by working with the customer to ensure you gain a comfort level and trust. Once the customers trust you, they will most likely go with you. Price is not always a deal breaker, but it can be if your customer is a commodity shopper. Always have a price range that will allow your company to remain profitable. This will ensure that you reach or exceed your customer expectations most of the time.

People buy service. An example of this, two tire stores on opposite corners are selling the exact same product. Tire store “A” has internet, a clean and comfortable lounge area for its customers, gourmet coffee and tea, clean and modern restrooms, and a friendly, knowledgeable staff that always address the customers by name. Tire store “B” does not have internet access, dirty and only have a few seats that are not overly worn and clean, restrooms are not cleaned often, and the staff is always trying to up sell, even when you are not interested. Which store would you prefer? I would pick Store “A” because they provide a higher level of service.

Over the years, I noticed that customers will give you all the information you need to gain their trust and for you to provide the service they are looking for. You as the business owner only need to listen “objectively” and understand that a long standing repeat customer is what you need to grow your business.